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Supply of equipment which is in line with modernized educational programmes for schools


  • Acquiring preconditions for successful implementation of modernized educational programs in secondary vocational schools, as well as for the realization of existing programs in the field of catering and agriculture;
  • Giving the opportunity to teachers and students to carry out teaching with the modern equipment necessary for acquiring the knowledge, skills and competences needed in the labour market.

Main result:

  • Equipment for the sectors of agriculture, electro-technics, mechatronics, textile and catering equipment was delivered during August and September 2017 for the following 8 secondary vocational schools in Montenegro:
    • Secondary vocational school, Bar, and Educational centre, Šavnik, (Equipment for the sector of agriculture, total value of 29.870,20 €);
    • Electro-economic school, Bijelo Polje and Secondary vocational school, Berane (Equipment for the sector of electro-technics, total value of 26.830,00 €);
    • Secondary vocational school “Ivan Uskoković”, Podgorica (Equipment for the sector of mechatronics, total value of 154.362,62 €);
    • Secondary vocational school “Spasoje Raspopović”, Podgorica (Equipment for the sector of textile, total value of 72.285,00 €);
    • Economic-catering school, Nikšić, and School for secondary and higher vocational education “Sergije Stanić”, Podgorica, (Equipment for the sector of catering, total value of 59.644,00 €).
344.832,60 €
Project beneficiary:
Ministry of Education
132 days (30/06/2017 – 09/11/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract