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Overall objective:

Improved transfer of knowledge between academic institution, SMEs and CSOs through developing innovation skills and improving product and services in the field of zero energy prefab construction

Specific objectives:

  • To develop Ø ENERGY PREFAB BUILDING CONCEPTS for three climatic zones in Montenegro - coastal, central and northern
  • To increase partners’ professional capacities in the field of Ø ENERGY PREFABRICATED CONSTRUCTION.

Main activities and results:

  • Organized Study visit in Slovenia;
  • Developed Ø energy prefab architectural designs for three climatic zones in Montenegro – coastal, central and northern;
  • Conducted Workshop - 4 days, Kotor, 10 participants (partners’ representatives) + 5 experts; improved understanding of the economic and market environment determining opportunities to develop prefabs in Montenegro, developed Feasibility study with research of market /potentials/purpose/EU of Zero Energy concept;
  • 5 expert studies finished: Analysis of HVAC systems, Analysis of SMART and electrical systems, Analysis of technology processes for Prefab construction with statics and seismic data, Analysis of traditional techniques and materials and Analysis of water treatment and management (efficiency), all five for prefabricated houses.
22,436.19 €
Project beneficiary:
NGO Expeditio, Kotor
12 months (02/09/2016-02/09/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract