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Social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians through employment

Specific Objective 1: Fostering employability of RE

Output 1.1 All stakeholders are well Informed about the opportunities to participate in on-the-job training for RE

The RE beneficiary community was informed through an information campaign and a series of motivation workshops about the opportunities and the benefits to them of participating in the internship programme.

Implemented activities:

  1. Information campaign for unemployed RE on internship programme conducted through easy to-read leaflets, posters and broadcasting the announcement for unemployed Roma on Roma Radio in the period of 1 month (from 1st to 31st March 2017)
  2. Three motivation workshops on internships for RE organised – During March 2017, the project team organized 3 motivational workshops for RE: Employment of Roma and Egyptians on 6th March, 13th March and 20th March 2017. The workshops have been organized in order to inform the RE community on the employment opportunities; during these workshops applications for the internship programme were distributed. 40 unemployed RE participated in 3 motivation workshops all together, out of which 35 men and 5 women:

Output 1.2 Employers motivated and committed to engage RE workers

In light of the prevalence of negative views about RE workers among many employers and the extremely low levels of employment of RE workers in the private sector, the Action has foreseen the activities for identification and preparation of employers for their participation in the internship programme.

Implemented activities:

  1. Motivational training for employers - On 23 February 2017 the project team held a motivational training for employers with the aim to provide additional information on the internship programme for interested employers. Six employers participated at the motivational meeting. In order to spread the info among employers the project team organized a set of separate meetings with interested employers during March 2017 with 15 interested employers.
  2. Application forms filled in by 15 employers and 13 employers signed the Internship contracts.
  3. Anti-discrimination training for employers was organised on 28 August 2017. The objective of the training was to raise participants’ awareness on stereotypes, prejudices, patterns of thinking, speaking and behaviour existing in societies towards minority groups. Participants were introduced into definition of discrimination, understanding of discrimination, direct, indirect discrimination, as well as with anti-discrimination legislation in Montenegro. Six participants attended the meeting.

Planned activities:

4. The second anti-discrimination training will be held on 28 September 2017 in order to engage many employers and employees from the organisations or companies who provide on-the-job training for the interns.

Output 1.3 Internship programme for RE set up and monitored

  1. Internship programme – started on 15 May for 42 unemployed persons. One more unemployed RE started their training on 15 June 2017. The training will last for 6 months with 13 employers (Čistoća doo; Deponija doo; Zelenilo doo; Roma Association, MN (Roma Radio); Roma Council, Doo Velma Roma Cultural Center, Protection Service of Capital Podgorica), NVO Fiat, NVO Mladi Romi, DOO Laković, Sibila, d.o.o. and Football club “Ribnica”). The training allowance is 200 Euro. All employers involved in the programme have provided monthly time-sheets with short reports showing results of each beneficiary involved in the on-the job training. Monthly documentations explain in detail development of skills and knowledge gained during the on-the-job training.

Employer (organisation / company)

Number of interns

Čistoća, d.o.o.


Deponija, d.o.o.


Zelenilo, d.o.o.


Roma Cultural Center


Roma Association


Roma Council


NGO “Fiat”


NGO “Young Roma”


Protection Service of Capital Podgorica


Laković, d.o.o.


Velma, d.o.o.


Sibila, d.o.o.


Football club “Ribnica”





Planned activities:

  1. Evaluation report on Internship Programme with recommendations - The report will assess the concept of internship programme and the process to establish an internship programme for RE in Podgorica. It will also assess how the internship programme was implemented, including the process for identifying employers and selecting interns, as well as how the programme was monitored and supported during the implementation stage.
  2. Round table for employers and national institutions will be organised to showcase the results of the internship programme for RE and to discuss the next steps for developing internship programmes for RE. The round table will be organised by the Capital City of Podgorica which will highlight its official support for and ownership of the internship programme. The round table will be organised at end of the implementation phase during the final month of the Action.

Specific Objective 2: Increasing social integration of RE through better access to employment and social rights
Output 2.1. Awareness of RE about employment and social affairs opportunities will be raised

  1. Five information workshops for unemployed Roma on employment and related social rights; out of 5 planned information sessions 2 have been conducted so far. During the first info session, which was held on 9 June 2017, 19 interns attended the meeting. They were introduced with the work they will perform and working hours in “Čistoća, d.o.o.”. During the second information session, which was held on 27 July 2017, 27 interns from the following companies / organizations: "Čistoća doo", "Zelenilo doo", "Deponija" doo, Roma Association, Roma Council, Roma Cultural Center, NGO "Fiat", FK "Ribnica" and "Sibila , doo " took part. The session was devoted to the exchange of experience during the on-the-job training with a special focus on acquired knowledge and skills.

Planned activities:

The next 3 info sessions will be implemented within the period of three months and will be dedicated to getting familiar with labour legislation, employment possibilities after the internship and counselling -how to apply for a job respectively.

Output 2.2 Associate in Social Inclusion of RE for Social Affairs introduced

  1. Working Group for Standardisation of the position Associate in Social Inclusion for RE for Social Affairs - The working group is composed of 8 members from 6 state institutions: 2 representatives of the Centre for Vocational Training, one representative each of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, the Employment Agency, Centre for Social Work Podgorica, Pedagogical Centre, City Capital Podgorica and Help. The working group has been working on the development of the new position Associate in Social Inclusion for RE for Social Affairs
  2. The meetings of the Working Group to develop programme - The development of the programme is composed of 4 stages of work on documents. The working group developed the first part of the document called “the Initiative” which was officially adopted on 29 May 2017 by the Sectorial Commission for Health Department / Social Inclusion in the Ministry of Education. The Occupational Standard document (stage 2 document) was also developed, along with the Occupation Standard Units (stage 3 documents) with the focus on learning outcomes, criteria and standard of qualification have been developed. 

Planned activities

  1. Meeting of the Working group – to develop the Programme of Education and Exam Catalogue. 
  2. Launch event for new Associate position will be organised to promote the new Associate for Social Inclusion of RE for Social Affairs position to the general public, with participation of media, members of the Working Group, other national institutions, NGOs, the Federation of Employers and the Capital City of Podgorica.
Project beneficiary:
Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
12 months (04/02/2017-04/02/2018)
Type of contract:
Grant contract