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Strengthening women entrepreneurs in the municipality of Rožaje

Overall objective: Improving the quality of life in municipality of Rozaje by empowering women in business and promoting the culture of lifelong learning and entrepreneurship.

Specific objectives:

  • Increased employability of women from rural and urban area in municipality of Rozaje.
  • Creation of supportive environment for potential and new female entrepreneurs, through establishment of new public services at local level and creation of women-led businesses.

Main activities and results:

  • Strengthening capacities of unemeployed women for starting their own businesses, through trainings based on the principles of lifelong learning. The themes of the tra-inings: leadership and interpersonal skills, entreprenuership and ECDL.
  • Establishment of the Office for promotion of women entreprenuership; Establishment of women business incubator.
  • Developed and adopted Stratey for development of women entreprenuership in the Municipality of Rožaje.
  • Provision of mentoring to women working and wanting to start a business.
  • Developed and printed educational material for business start up and development of business. 
  • Study visit to successful business incubator in Bar.
  • Networking activities with business women from Rožaje in cooperation with Association of business women of Montenegro.
  • Support provided for business start up for 2 women and for development of bussiness for 4 women.
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95,206.00 €
Project beneficiary:
Municipality of Rožaje
12 months (28/10/2016-28/10/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract