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Cooperation between Employment Agency of Montenegro and Social Work centres

Overall objective: To enhance social inclusion of persons with disabilities and RE population

Purpose of the project: To increase employability and improve access to the labour market for persons with disabilities and RE population

Main activities and results:

  • Existing legislation in the sector of social inclusion and integration to the labour market of persons with disabilities and members of RE population collected and reviewed
  • Analyzed situation of existing and missing support services intended to support the inclusion into the labour market and professional rehabilitation for persons wih sisabilities and RE population
  • Analyzed institutional setting of the EAM and SWC and other social partners
  • The Report on present situation in the social inclusion sector prepared in English and Montenegrin Language
  • Prepared Training needs analysis for EAM, SWC and social partners (based on 217 questionnaires)
  • Training programme „Working with disadvantaged groups“ for EAM and SWC employees prepared on the basis of the training needs analysis
  • Manual for the provision of newly developed working methods prepared
  • 2 days workshop organized for 49 employees of EAM anc SWC (39 women, 11 men)
  • Piloting of the new working methods was implemented on 19 locations in Montenegro
  • 48 certificates for working with hard-to-employ people were awarded
  • Prepared agreement between EAM and SWC
  • Agreement signed by director of EAM and 13 SWC directors
  • Campaign on the new working methods between EAM and SWCin order to inform the most voulnerable groups (50 participants in 4 cities in Montenegro)
  • Awareness raising campaign on social inclusion possibilities for people with disabilities and RE members was organized and implemented 
  • Training programme „Preparation and implementation of EU funded projects“ prepared on the basis of training needs analysis 
  • 3-day workshop organized for 39 participants, potential grant applicants 
  • Provided support to 9 grant beneficiaries of the grant sceheme “Implementation of trainings and employment projects for persons with disabilities and RE population”
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413.000,00 EUR
Project beneficiary:
WYG International Limited
21 months(31/12/2015 – 30/09/2017))
Type of contract:
Service contract