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Accounting for a Better Future

Overall objective: Improve labour market knowledge, qualifications and skills of unemployed youth in order to better match current and future labour market needs

Specific objectives:

  • Provide targeted information and services of career guidance to selected unemployed youth from the unemployment register with the focus towards implementation of training in the Accounting area.
  • Improve knowledge, skills and competences of unemployed youth through the training for occupation Accounting Technician.
  • Employ youth from the EAM register via supporting creation of conditions for their employment.

Main activities and results:

  • The project was implemented throughout Montenegro, with all the EAM regional and local employment offices included in the implementation.
  • The Action was promoted, at the very beginning, at the Grant Award Ceremony for grant beneficiaries under the Call for proposals “Youth, Women and Long-term Unemployed in the Labour Market”, while the training programme was additionally promoted via printed media, partners’ websites, IAAM bulletin, and daily newspapers.
  • Total number of unemployed persons who were informed on the project exceeded 900. The means for informing the unemployed were: posters placed on boards in employment offices throughout Montenegro, leaflets distributed by EAM advisors to the unemployed and leaflets for self-service placed in employment offices and the premises of the IAAM. The motivation and career guidance services were provided to interested candidates by the EAM advisors in all regional employment offices.
  • The occupation Technician in Accounting was promoted among employers with whom 5 round tables were organized. The exact number of employers who attended the round tables was 154, out of which there were 35 accounting agencies.
  • The number of persons pre-selected as the result of information, motivation, career guidance services and external psychological expertise was 384 while total of 280 candidates were selected to take part in the training.
  • The training lasted 3 months and it was organized in 8 groups: 3 in Podgorica, and 1 in Bar, 1 in Nikšić, 1 in Kotor, 1 in Herceg Novi and 1 in Berane.
  • The contents of the training programme for the occupation Technician in Accounting included 5 areas: Business Law of Montenegro, Tax System of Montenegro, Financial Reporting, Keeping Records of Business Transactions and Creation of Financial Statements.

  • The number of trainees per groups who attended the training until the end was as follows:

  • Podgorica: 75 candidates started the training (divided into 3 groups, 25 each), 64 regularly attended,

    • Kotor: 38 candidates started the training, 32 regularly attended,

    • Herceg Novi: 42 candidates started the training, 33 regularly attended,

    • Bar: 42 candidates started the training, 34 regularly attended,

    • Nikšić: 37 candidates started the training, 31 regularly attended, and

    • Berane: 40 candidates started the training, 36 regularly attended.

  • Organisation of final exam and certification of trainees.


    The number of candidates who, after the 3-month training, took the exam, was 204. The number is broken down as follows:
    • Podgorica: 56 candidates took the exam, 38 passed the exam,
    • Kotor: 25 candidates took the exam, 21 passed the exam,
    • Herceg Novi: 31 candidates took the exam, 19 passed the exam,
    • Bar: 30 candidates took the exam, 14 passed the exam,
    • Nikšić: 30 candidates took the exam, 23 passed the exam,
    • Berane: 32 candidates took the exam, 31 passed the exam.
  • Provision of post-training support.
  • The promotional material ensured on the project including 6000 leaflets,350 pens, 350 notebooks, 300 USB sticks, 15 posters, stickers for electronic equipment purchased on the project, 1 roll-up banner to be placed in the training premises and in both project offices in the EAM and IAAM.

Planned activities:

  • Cooperation with employers and signing of cooperation agreements
  • Establishment of business units
  • Employment in business units, provision of support to business units and other employment
170,846.85 €
Project beneficiary:
Employment Agency of Montenegro and Institute of Accountants and Auditors of Montenegro
12 months (02/11/2016-02/11/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract