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Increasing Montenegrin capacities for participation in HORIZON 2020

Increasing Montenegrin capacities for participation in HORIZON 2020


  • To strengthen innovation capacities of higher education, research and economy in national priority areas: agriculture, food safety, ICT and health.
  • To improve knowledge and skills with the aim of increasing national participation in HORIZON 2020.

Main activities and results:

  • Experts assistance provided via specific on-the- job coaching and mentoring and formal training courses.
  • 10 institutions received assistance (Faculty of Medicine, Biotechnical Faculty,13. jul Plantaže, Institute for Marine Biology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, BIO-ICT Centre of Excellence, Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Information Technology, Centre for Ecotoxicological Research ltd, Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies) in step by step development of project proposals for HORIZON 2020 Call for Proposals which are based on project ideas identified by selected institutions, their needs.
  • More than 70 participants through 6 general training courses (training cycles) gained knowledge on HORIZON 2020, purpose, types of Calls (searching for partners, how to apply as a lead, etc.), project cycle management, preparation of technical proposal and budget for HORIZON 2020 Calls for proposals, implementation of grant contract financed from HORIZON 2020 (project management, administrative and contractual provisions, financial management, best practices, etc.)
  • Intensive support provided to the NCP unit for HORIZON 2020 especially in terms of financial and budgeting procedures;

Planned activities :

  • Organise final conference and workshop on to identify the needs for future capacity development within the area of project development and project implementation and possible ways of meeting the challenges.
299.000,00 €
10 months (18/01/2017-18/11/2017)
IBF International Consulting, Brussels
Type of contract:
Service contract