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Knowledge and skills for jobs!

Overall objective :

Contribution in solving the challenges of unemployment of youth from Montenegro by improving their employability in the labor market in cooperation and networking of NGO sector, media, public administration and business.
Specific objective:

Increased employability prospects for 60 young people, unemployed graduates, from various Montenegrin municipalities through provision of soft skills and paid internship in NGO sector, media, public administration and business, followed by mentoring support.

Main activities and results :

  • Promotional video spot designed and broadcasted on TV stations with national coverage
  • At the end of the application process 61 applications were selected for admission to the programme from overall number of 364 application for the programme received.
  • 4 trainings in duration of overall 12 working days for 41 participants were implemented in Podgorica.
  • 4 trainings in duration of overall 12 working days for 20 participants were implemented in Bijelo Polje.
  • The agreements on cooperation signed with 23 internship providers from public sector, 17 from NGO sector, 9 form media and 15 from private sector.
  • 61 interns completed 3 months internship in 23 public sector institutions, 17 NGOs, 9 media and 15 private companies.
  • 4 monthly monitoring meetings between the beneficiaries and project team were implemented.
  • 10 participants (16,4%) continued to work upon the completion of the programme, even though the project was not aimed at employment of the participants but increase of their employability prospects by providing them with new, transferable skills and knowledge demanded by the modern labor market.
119,889.47 €
Project beneficiary:
Centre for Civic Education - CCE/CGO
12 months (20/10/2016-20/10/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract