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Step Up to the Labour Market


  • To enhance social inclusion and employability of RE population via establishing conditions for acquiring first occupation.
  • To improve skills of RE population by delivering training for the first occupation, on the basis of tailor-made occupational standards and training programmes.
  • To foster labour market access and employment of RE population in line with employers’ needs.

Main activities and results:

  • Developed guidelines and recommendations through analysis based on relevant labor market information and information related to RE population
  • Defined techniques for implementing the methodology of training (for 5 occupations), identifying municipalities (4 municipalities), identifying trainees and defining activities related to employment tracking.
  • At least 210 people from the RE population category have been informed and 171 members of the RE population have undergone motivational workshops subjected to the selection and received professional guidelines.
  • 57 members have completed first-grade training in four municipalities (Podgorica, Tivat, Bijelo Polje and Berane).
  • Certificates awarded in the municipalities of Tivat (9 gardeners and 5 hotel room attendant) and Podgorica (13 gardeners).
  • A roundtable was held.
  • There are ongoing activities related to the end result.

Planned activities:

  • To award certificates in the remaining municipalities for hotel room attendants (6) and assistant cook (3) in Bijelo Polje, hotel room attendants (10) and hairdressers (5) in Podgorica so as for 6 persons who will manage construction machines.
  • Employment of members of the RE population
85.019,47 €
Project beneficiary:
Employment Agency of Montenegro and ZOPT
12 months (16/02/2017-16/02/2018)
Type of contract:
Grant contract