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Enhancing employability of long-term unemployed women - Dorra Nuova

Enhancing employability of long-term unemployed women - Dorra Nuova

Project objective:

  • To contribute to labour integration of Romani and long-term unemployed women through trainings and building partnerships

Specific objective:

  • Enhanced employability and self-employment of Romani and long-term unemployed women through tailored trainings on handcrafting and entrepreneurship

Main activities and results:

  • Target group was formed based on criteria within the Public call where interested candidates could apply until 20th January 2017. Selection of candidates was made during January and February 2017
  • Target group of long-term unemployed women established (in total 26 – most of them single mothers, women above 40 years and long-term unemployed- 15 representatives of Roma population, and 11 women from majority population)
  • Based on market study analysis conducted- selected training provider in jewellery making, decoupage, financial management and marketing. It was decided that the training will be performed by ZOPT (Association for Employment, Adult Education, Organization and Performance of Professional Rehabilitation
  • 3-month training for 26 participants held in specially equipped premises of workshop Dorra Nuova in Herceg Novi. The training included the following workshops:

1. Decoupage technique, 20-27.03.2017 (6 working days, 2 groups of participants)

2. Jewellery making from beads, 28.03.-04.04.2017. (6 working days, 2 groups of participants)

3. Jewellery making from polymer, 05.-12.04.2017. (66 working days, 2 groups of participants)

4. Financial management: introduction to business basics, models of financial support, development of business plans, 19.-20.04.2017 (2 working days, 1 group)

5. Business communication: type of techniques and skills, 21.04.2017. (1 working day, 1 group)

6. Financial management: introduction to entrepreneurship and business ideas, ideas selection techniques, SWOT analysis and market, 24.-27.04.2017 (4 working days, 1 group)

7. Business communication: business meetings and bonton, 28.04.2017. (1 working day, 1 group)

8. Marketing, 03.05.2017. (1 working day, 1 group)

9. Employment preparation, 04.05.2017. (1 working day, 1 group)

10. Jewelry exhibition and preparations for fairs, 05.05. i 08.05.2017. (2 working days, 1 group)

  • 26 women- received certificates on 11 May after the successful training conduction.
  • 7 months work practise for project's participants, aiming to further capacity improvement-implemented.
  • First solo exhibition of unique jewellery and handicrafts held on 22/05/2017 within the premises of Dorra Nuova workshop in Herceg Novi.
  • 3 Dorra Nuova promotional stands were opened in 3 municipalities- Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi.
  • Project participants had 11 exhibition on several fairs and festivals in Herceg Novi, Igalo, Tivat and Podgorica.

Planed activities:

  • Creation of catalogue of activities and products
  • Dorra Nuova workshop establishment
  • Developed partnerships with local NGOs and related local agencies by signing Memorandum on cooperation
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101,158.35 €
Project beneficiary:
NGO Young Roma
12 months (26/10/2016-26/10/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract