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Young and unemployed are the future of Montenegro

Project objective:

  • Improvement of economic situation and life conditions for youth and unemployed persons in Montenegro through intensive education programs and boosting establishment of new companies.

Specific objectives :

  • Improvement of employability of the youth and unemployed persons through the intensive education session and administrative and technical support
  • Decrease of number of unemployed persons in Montenegro through direct support of the project
  • Improved visibility of the success entrepreneurial and improved promotion of importance, challenges and advantages of starting a business

The main results and activities:

  • Establishing of target group- 100 participants.
  • 1-month motivational training (NLP) during March 2017- 5 weeks – 5 groups of 20 participants- twice a week- in total 100 participants.
  • 1-month training on marketinga, PR and sales- 4 weeks- 3 times a week - 60 participants.
  • 1-month training on starting business and entrepreneurial skills- 4 weeks- 3 times a week - 40 participants.
  • On 16 June 2017 Public call for interested employers for providing practice/employment for selected trainees on marketing, PR and sales skills- published.
  • 15 participants of training on marketinga, PR and sales have been employed by the selected employers to conduct 3-month practice. The companies mentioned are: Tehnopolis, Yellow event, Societe General Banka, Uniqa Insurance, Spin, Aromax Montenegro...
  • 10 best business ideas, developed during the training on starting business and entrepreneurial skills are supported from project to start their own business non-financial support, worth up to 1.000,00e, individually.
  • Some of the new companies (business ideas) are: tourist agency - nautical tourism, soap and souvenir production, production of equipment for beekeepers, maintenance and management of residential areas, support agencies for the establishment of companies, etc.
  • 5 video materials prepared and distributed to the media throughout Montenegro. The project has a very important campaign related to the promotion of entrepreneurship. The main activity in this part is the creation of video campaigns in order to promote examples of successful entrepreneurs in Montenegro.

Planed activities:

  • Creation of Guidelines for start-up companies in Montenegro, with an overview of necessary steps in starting a business in Montenegro
  • Closing project conference
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164,230.02 €
Project beneficiary:
Union of Employers of Montenegro and EAM
24 months (03/11/2016-03/11/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract