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Knowledge transfer among academic, research and industry entities

Overall objective: to improve knowledge transfer between academic and industry sector, in both directions
Specific objective: to create innovative model for capacity building of IT sector workforce by collaborative approach of academic and private sector.

Main activities and results:

  • Online and offline promotional campaign organized.
  • Developed key visuals for the project.
  • Signed 3 memorandums of cooperation with 3 faculties: Faculty of Economics UCG, Faculty of Electrical Engineering UCG, Faculty of Information Technologies of the University of the Mediterranean;
  • 4 promotional presentations for students with 4 different faculty units were held so as 4 guest lectures on entrepreneurship were held
  • 50 students were selected for the training program in the field of marketing, design, IT
    • 22 participants for Marketing and Design programs
    • 28 trainees for IT program
    • additional 8 trainees for IT training included
  • Curriculum with 9 different modules designed (IT Project Management,UX Design,Web Design,Campaign / Corporate Design, Digital Marketing, Mobile Platforms, Front End Programming and Back End Programming.
  • 7 academic introductory lectures for selected practitioners were held
  • 40+ workshops and consultations with participants of 9 modules were held.
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48,242.00 €
Project beneficiary:
Bild Studio and Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies . - FIST (UDG)
15 months (02/09/2016-02/12/2017)
Type of contract:
Grant contract